A 5th generation Texan Machelle, nickname “Missy”, has the esprit de corps, or sense of camaraderie, so many Texans share. With a strong work ethic and the gifts of southern grit and charm, Machelle’s determination has been rewarded with a proven record of success. For the last 30 years, she has dedicated herself to residential, commercial and investment real estate. Machelle continues to purchase profitable investment properties while work full time as a Texas Realtor.

In 1989 Machelle started her business, MJM Investments, purchasing her first Austin property in Tarrytown. With a focus on the UT/ Central Austin area, she began what would be a long career in real estate ownership, acquisition, management and renovation. These were some of her favorite times, fixing and flipping properties, working with contractors on-site and learning all the intricacies of the industry. In 2009, after MJM sold its last large property, Machelle went on to work for student-housing companies and later renewed her real estate license in 2014. Machelle was a top producer 2 years running for a local UT Brokerage selling  millions in multi family and investment properties. She was Top producer-listing agent-closer and received other awards in 2017-2018-2019 at Better Homes& Gardens Homecity. Machelle was nominated to PT-500 for 2019.

Machelle ascribes her entrepreneurial spirit to a long line of strong female role models. Starting as a young girl selling homemade pillows door-to-door, Machelle’s tenacity has always proven its purpose. Although life has thrown its curve balls in her direction, she continues to get back up to the plate with a more empathetic heart. Her mission is with unparalleled determination to ensure her clients success.

Machelle is an agent that truly cares about her clients’ goals and aspirations—her success measured in response to meeting their best interests. The knowledge and life lessons learned throughout a 30-year career in marketing and real estate is the foundation of Machelle’s ability to act as an informed agent; her spirit and passion for the industry are what makes her a trusted lifetime confidant.


(M) 512-695-4663